The Purpose of the Alliance

The purpose of The Alliance is to support the development of a financially sustainable model for PN and CHW/PdS as well as promote the value such non-licensed professionals bring to population health and the healthcare delivery system. This value is reflected through the following activities:

  1. Advocate for recognition of appropriate PN and CHW/PdS roles with links to both the formal health system and the community through policies and initiatives that support minimum standards for the role and performance.
  2. Enable and support leadership to monitor best practices and share learning across the state in the implementation of PN, CHW and PdS.
  3. Work with and through existing local health services and mechanisms to strengthen them; thereby avoiding the creation of parallel services, methods or competitive working practices, while reinforcing the supportive role played by communities.
  4. Establish standards and methods for the support of PN/CHW/PdS which are ethical, non-competitive, sustainable and locally relevant under a unified policy.
  5. Encourage local, regional and statewide networking opportunities between and among CHWs, PNs and PdS.
  6. Support unified mechanisms for reporting and management of data that promote consistent quality monitoring and accountability to existing health structures and communities, thus reinforcing local use of data for decision making.